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Adjust Deltek Vision to Meet Your Needs

We show you how to make your Deltek Vision® investment go even further, by tailoring your system to enhance functionality or customizing the programming to better match your business processes. With many options available, you'll be sure to maximize your Deltek investment and minimize your project risk.

Small Adjustments for Big Gains

To get more out of your Vision software investment, we can make small adjustments that deliver big efficiency gains. Tailoring your database to fit your unique needs also increases user buy-in and makes Vision more intuitive to use. Whether it is simple changes such as adding user fields that allow you to move data out of Excel and into Vision, adding new User Defined Info Centers to capture information Vision does not natively hold or using Workflows to automate your routine communication. Or more advanced automation such as the ability to create projects with phases and tasks directly from opportunities, automatically create billing terms for projects, storing firm history as contacts change companies or adding latitude/longitude coordinates to a project — all of this and more can reduce data entry, boost productivity and allow you to track more information.

CCG Tailoring Options for Deltek Vision

Basic Tailoring

  • User Defined Fields and User Defined Info Centers: Add areas for storing data in areas like hiring, performance management, company licenses and registrations and many more.
  • Workflows: Use standard workflows to automate communications, to simplify data entry, to perform quality control checks and to enhance data integrity.
  • Tailoring Training: Learn how to use the many tailoring tools inside of Vision to make simple changes on the fly.

Advanced Tailoring and Customization

  • Billing Terms: Change the Billing Type and automatically have the billing terms change to maintain consistency.
  • Fleet Management: If your firm has a fleet of vehicles, do you know your cost per mile for each vehicle or when the next oil change is due? You could know that and more with a simple automation in Deltek Vision®. 
  • Latitude & Longitude: Based on project address, populate latitude & longitude and query for projects within a certain square distance of those points.
  • Consultant Contracts: Easily reference original contract amount, plus transactional calculations at the time invoicing is being prepared for your client.
  • Revenue from Project: Update opportunity revenue from the project fees when they change. Supports revenue forecasting based on projected billings.
  • Change Orders: Input change order items and have them sum up the construction costs by discipline. Output data directly to AIA Change Order form. 
  • PTO Accrual: Automation of accrued PTO at non-standard rates. No more keeping multiple spreadsheets outside of Vision.

For a complete listing, download the CCG Tailoring Options Brochure

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CCG Tailoring Services
“At implementation, CCG came in with a laundry list of things that most A&E firms tailor, so we knew right away what we should tailor, instead of waiting 6 months to figure it out on our own. For example, Vision’s CRM doesn’t let you categorize clients, so we tailored it to have categories: existing, dormant and past.”
-Jeff Peter, Plunkett Raysich Architects