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CCG Data Migration Services

Quickly Become More Efficient

By combining our deep knowledge of Deltek Vision with our extensive technical expertise, we’ve become the industry’s go-to consultant for Vision software services. Whether you need data migration from a legacy product, an older version of Deltek Vision, or as the result of a merger or acquisition, we can combine the data seamlessly with minimal disruption.

Migrate From Legacy Products

Whether you were using Sema4®, Deltek Advantage®, QuickBooks® or some other business accounting system, we can convert it to your new Deltek Vision system. If you’re still using additional spreadsheets or databases to manage data, you’re not leveraging Vision to its full potential. Fleet management is a common example. We can convert your fleet data from an Excel spreadsheet into Vision, creating individual records for each vehicle, so you can quickly see relevant information such as mileage in, mileage out and next maintenance due.

Improve Older Vision Databases

If you migrated to Deltek Vision several years ago, you may not be taking advantage of more recent improvements. We can restructure your work breakdown structures to streamline processes even more. Imagine having your organization structures go into every project, phase and task automatically — saving you weeks of manual data entry. We can make that, and more, happen quickly.

CCG Data Migration Services

  •     Project oversight and coordination.
  •     Detailed upgrade project plan.
  •     Hardware and technical readiness review.
  •     Functional review.
  •     Functional test plan.
  •     Upgrade assistance.
  •     Training on the new features.

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CCG Data Migration Services
“We chose CCG for the data integration because they’re a Deltek Vision Premier Partner we’ve worked with for several years, and we’re impressed by how well they understand our unique environment.”
-Natalie Kyriakoudis
Controller, Psomas