DPS Migration Preparation

Confused About Which Path is Right for You?

We Can Be Your Guide

Extensive changes are coming to Vision in 2017 — with the first release available in March 2017. Not only is Vision moving to the iAccess platform, it’s also being re-imagined and re-configured so it’s easier to use, with enhanced features. All that’s good news, unless your database isn’t ready for the transition.

With Deltek Vision changing to a new platform, Deltek for Professional Services (DPS), you undoubtedly have lots of questions about the DPS migration — including timing, pricing and the Cloud. 

We can help outline the best DPS migration path for your firm, using our 5-step process: 

  1. Questionnaire: You complete a simple questionnaire that helps us determine when DPS migration makes the most sense for your firm. 
  2. Recommendations Call: We talk with you about our recommendations.
  3. Database Review: Whenever DPS migration is appropriate for your firm, we do a thorough database review and provide a report on what needs to be cleaned up to ensure a smooth transition.
  4. DPS Migration Plan: We develop a detailed plan with key milestones and needed training.
  5. DPS Migration Execution: We execute against the plan.

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Confused About Which Path is Right for You?
If you’d like help preparing for the eventual migration from Deltek Vision to DPS, call us at 866.511.5710.

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