CCG Products is Now EleVia Software

Dedicated to Elevating Performance of Architecture & Engineering Firms

Elevate your business with products that help you get more value from Deltek Vision®

EleVia Software is formerly the CCG Products division of Central Consulting Group

EleVia Software started in 2016 as a spinoff from Central Consulting Group (CCG), the Deltek Vision Platinum Partner and consulting business founded in 2000.

CCG had been developing proprietary, add-on products for Deltek Vision since 2009 under the CCG Products division. But as product demand grew, we separated the division into EleVia Software to better serve clients.

CCG — now under the leadership of two experienced veterans, Steve McTavish and Jonathan Monroe — continue to serve Deltek Vision clients by providing tailoring and customization services, effectiveness reviews, cloud and data migrations, and third-party software integration.

Why partner with EleVia Software? Because our sole purpose is to help you elevate your service delivery and profitability to truly elevate your business.

We know that once you win a piece of business, your real work begins. You need to deliver the project on time and on budget — without sacrificing profit. That requires greater efficiency in your processes, and greater visibility into your operations and financials.

EleVia Software gives you both. We do it via products that integrate seamlessly with your Deltek Vision® ERP system, so you increase the yield from your technology investment at the same time.

A Few More Reasons to Choose EleVia Software:

  • Our deep knowledge of Deltek Vision
  • Over 15 years serving the North American architecture and engineering industry 
  • Many top-ranking firms rely on our products — including CallisonRTKL, DLR Group, HKS and MMM Group
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Dedicated to Elevating Performance of Architecture & Engineering Firms
“The leaders and consultants at CCG Products — now EleVia Software — came up through the A&E space. They understand our processes and how to use technology to make us more productive and profitable.”

Jack Clark
Vice President of Business Systems